Friday, August 22, 2008

Calyn and Jeanann

On Saturday, our friends had a songfest. Our friend's Dad comes into town every year and they get all their friends together and he strums the guitar and we all sing along with him. It sounds kinda corny but it is a bunch of fun. Anyway, of course, I only seemed to get pictures of the kids. Well, I actually snapped this picture of my friend, Jeanann, holding Calyn. Jeanann is a baby monger. She loves to hold the babies. So, when I got there, I had to get our appetizers ready, I knew just who to give Calyn to. And later, when I needed a baby break, Jeanann was right there to take her! She reminds me of Greg's Aunt Joann. She loves the babies too!

I also had to snap a few pictures of her in her cute little hat. She hasn't worn too many hats yet, because the weather has been pretty warm since she came into this world. So, when I get the chance, I just love to stick them on her. I have a bunch ready for when the weather turns cold.