Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Calyn is 3 months

Calyn is 3 month old. I can not believe that 3 months ago she was still in my belly. She is so big, time flies when they are this little. Our family is now complete with this little girl in our lives! What is she doing?

Calyn at 3 month is:

12.8 lbs (at 2 month appt, probably close to 13lbs)
22 3/4"
Smiling (big time!)
Almost rolling over (gotta get that arm out of the way)
Laughing (a little bit)
Wearing size 1 diaper (still, never did fit into newborns!)
Lovin' her mobile in her crib
Not liking tummy time too much
Losing her dark brown hair (around the sides)
Loves bath time
Drooling big time (can she be cutting a tooth already?)
Going to sleep between 9-10
Waking up still 2-3 times per night (mostly two)
Sometimes sleeping until 4:00am
Completely unaware that we have a dog
Loves her big brother, smiles big time when he talks to her
Is aware when Daddy is home


Kelly said...

Love it! She's adorable! You'll love that you can look back and see all the details as the months go by. Now that I'm filling in Aubrey's baby book the blog is very helpful!

I can't belive how big she is already! 13 pounds! I love all her chub.