Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Easter Bunny

The kids with the Easter Bunny. I was surprised that Calyn did not cry. She wasn't too sure about the whole big furry rabbit but she held out. Not a peep.

Our gym had an Easter party with games, a jumpy and of course, the Easter Bunny. I'm glad we made it, otherwise this would have been a year without a picture with the big bunny.

Hayden is totally excited about the bunnies visit this weekend, probably because of all the candy that he is sure to get. He has been talking about the Easter Bunny and his wagon full of candy and goodies. Not sure where he got that idea but it sounds cute.

He told me tonight that I need to leave the door unlocked so that the bunny can get in. I told him the bunny had magic and could get in no matter what.

Happy Easter!