Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Baby Pictures

Above: Baby Calyn just a few minutes old. She had just had her bath and the nurse was finishing up dressing her and getting her ready for Mama.

Papa & Grammy with the new bundle of joy:

Proud Big Brother Hayden & his new baby sister on Sunday, June 8th:

Big Brother Hayden holds his sister for the first time (Saturday, June 7th):

The new family getting ready to leave the hospital (June 7th):


Patty Bennett said...

Thanks for sharing, Elyse!! She is BEAUTIFUL and I bet you are all just really enjoying your time together!! :) Patty

Sarah said...

Hey Leesey=D Calyn is sooo cute, she sure looks a lot like Greg huh?! hehe.. And Hayden really looks happy holding his baby sis. How prescious!! I'm gonna have to come visit soon and catch up. My mom and I love you all very much <3
Can't wait to see ya'll again!
Sarah & Deb

Darci said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Elyse. Wow! you look great! I'm sorry I missed you this past weekend. Continue to keep in touch.
love, Darci