Friday, November 14, 2008

Disneyland & The Nightmare before Christmas

Ahhhh! Every year for Halloween, Disneyland changes the Haunted Mansion into "The Nightmare before Christmas". It is really cool and not scary at all, so the little kids can enjoy it. While standing in line, I asked one of the employees how long it takes them to turn it into this, I figured that they did it at night once the park closed and would be ready the next day. He told me that they close it down for 2 weeks! Wow. It is something else to see.

This is us pretending to be scared!

These are just some shots in the attraction.

Here is "Jack" from the movie. We got some really good pictures of him, because this is were our car stopped, but he kept repeating himself and we got tired of listening. Hayden kept telling him to be quiet!

This is Dick & Lisa, my in-laws. They were in front of us on the ride. About half way through the ride, it stopped, I think that someone on the ride was either leaning out of the car or trying to get out, because they kept saying to stay in your car.

Lots more Disney posts to come, I figured I would batch them, since I have so many pictures that I want to share. Enjoy the "ride"! :)-


Beka said...

It looks like you guys had fun! :-)

kay said...

nice pictures! Funny 'coz i had the same picture taken in the same spot. As soon as I took a flash picture the ride stopped. These are automatic detectors. Per a friend who works there, the mechanics in these rides are light sensitive for safety pre-caution. In case of an emergency.. lights are turned on on the set and the ride stops.