Friday, November 7, 2008

Star Wars Halloween

We all got into the Halloween spirit this year. A friend of ours hosts a Halloween party every year and insists that EVERYONE dress up. We have grumbled about it in years past but this year we were ready!

Hayden is totally into Star Wars and wanted to go as a Clone Trooper. If you are not familiar with the Star Wars saga, a Clone Trooper is the same as a Storm Trooper. Both work for the evil Lord Darth Vader and are on dark side. So I thought, let's make it a family theme.

I was Princess Leia, Calyn was Baby Leia and Greg was the Emperor Palpatine. We had a great time. More pictures of that evening will follow.

Other costumes that night were: Ariel, the mermaid, Hanna Montana, Darth Maul, Snow White, Sarah Palin, a Cop, a dead groom, witch and two scary creatures.