Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hayden's September birthday party

Hayden does not turn 5 until December 28th. He really wanted to have a jumpy & swim party this year and there is no way that can happen in December. So, we decided to celebrate his birthday in September.

This picture is just after we sang Happy Birthday. See that cake? I had no idea when I ordered it, that the frosting would be blue, can you say MESSY? I made the kids eat outside but still was rubbing the blue mess off my table days later!

We had a huge firetruck jumpy, which I neglected to get pictures of. He invited all his friends and all the boys in his class at school. They had such a great time and so did the adults. We BBQ'd chicken and made pulled pork sandwiches. The kids played in the jumpy for several hours and then into the pool they went. It turned out to be a very nice day, not too hot, which was a good thing considering how the kids get SO worked up.

Hayden is showing us his sticky blue fingers & chin. It took about 8 wipes to get the blue off his face & fingers!

Hayden's gang of boys. These are all the boys from Hayden's school. Cameron, in the soccer shirt, Arman in the red shirt, Alex in the brown and Harry in the green in the front of the picture. He is holding court, as usual!

Lastly, here is Hayden opening his presents. He got so many, but it is nice that he is getting some now and then it won't be so overwhelming at Christmas & his real birthday.